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Here you'll find a smattering of greeting cards, wooden ornaments and craft items, favourite recipes, quotes and some light reading.  The sketches and graphics used on this site and in the cards and crafts are from my portfolio of original artwork and design.  You will also find information and a sample of some of the websites created through my business, Bouzane Consulting.

Sure hope you enjoy it!

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My Latest Blog Posts

  • Enjoy Every Moment

    Enjoy Every Moment

    A wonderful day to be alive! If you can get out of bed on your own steam and breathe unassisted, it is a gift. Enjoy every moment.Read more ›
  • A Laugh is the BEST Way to Start Your Day

    A Laugh is the BEST Way to Start Your Day

    Laugh - what better way to start (and end) your day. My sisters and friends provide food for thought and material for my blogs. I also have some bad habitsRead …
  • False Teeth and The Family Tree

    False Teeth and The Family Tree

    moments of laughter and moments of tears and from the lips to the hips it was off to bed with dreams of 'my family, false teeth, and happily ever after'. …

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