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  • Somebody Shouts Squirrel!

    Somebody Shouts Squirrel!

    Oh my, but it is so funny! I didn't stop to realize just how typical that is in the run of my day until our cousin, Derrick, put it in …
  • Tomorrow


    there comes a day that seems so very long - everything went wrong from start to finish. Then the promise of a new day - tomorrowRead more ›

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  • 903 Rocking Chair
    903 Rocking Chair

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These are blank, note cards ready for you to write your special message.  Each one can also be customized to include a special verse. Just let me know what you want to say and I'll include it in a beautiful font. Or if you can't find the right words, let me know the gist of the message you wish to convey and I'll come up with something specifically for you.  Just send me a message along with your email address and I'll be in touch to help you personalize your card.

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