I remember it well way back in my mind

Post - I remember it well

A quick glance at the kerosene lamp on the table. Oh yes! I remember it well way back in my mind – our evening meals. It made me smile.

Somebody Shouts Squirrel!


Oh my, but it is so funny! I didn’t stop to realize just how typical that is in the run of my day until our cousin, Derrick, put it in precisely those words – and somebody shouts, Squirrel!



there comes a day that seems so very long – everything went wrong from start to finish. Then the promise of a new day – tomorrow

Just About Being

the raft

Sometimes it is just about being. It encompassed the changes, embracing the past, the present and the future. It was a time to just “be”.

When the Night Closes In

Post - When Night Closes In

Isn’t it wonderful at the end of the day when the night closes in, you look back on the hours and feel you’ve really accomplished something?

Those Darned Feet

Post - Those darned feet 2

Ever blurt out something and wish to high heaven you had kept quiet? Or, think you have it all together… then later you are convinced that somebody else must have taken over your mind… those darned feet

Snippets from the Past

Snippets frm the Past

Little snippets from the past. No wonder each day is so much fun! I never know what’s going to happen but I am always assured there will be some reason to laugh.

The Little Things

I was getting ready to head out early morning. With a few moments left, I decided to take a quick look on Facebook. What a wonderful start to my day when I read what our son had written. It is really all about little things!

The Invitation

“I come and go with the wind. I’m in the Maldives at the moment.” But regardless, the intent was genuine and his invitation sincere – for when he gets back home. “Come on over for a tea or coffee – my house is a safe zone! You are always welcome here.”

Today is the Day – Perhaps

I have been holding out on getting a new phone for the last 3 years. I have been fixated on the subject … Today is the Day – Perhaps

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