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  • The Goat

    The Goat

    It was all about the goat - now who does it remind YOU of I wonder. For me it's my sisters and, of course, it set me off in peels of laughterRead more ›
  • Downshifting and Emergency Preparedness

    Downshifting and Emergency Preparedness

    Downshifting - I had no idea there was such a thing. Oh the things we learn and then to top it off there was the storm and emergency preparednessRead more ›
  • Holy Crow! A New Decade

    Holy Crow! A New Decade

    January 1, 2020 - the beginning of a new decade. So much to do. So many places to visit. Here's some of the things I've planned. What about you?Read more ›
  • Memories Wrapped In A Rock

    Memories Wrapped In A Rock

    Lost in the city, double booked appointments, forgotten lists - all because of a subcontract with digital devices. Then there are memories wrapped in a rockRead more ›
  • My First Craft Fair

    My First Craft Fair

    Cards, Crafts and Creations - gifts for yourself and friends? Visit our craft table at the Eastport Agricultural Exhibition on Saturday, October 12th.Read more ›


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This website is all about little things - the things that often go unnoticed but what makes it all worthwhile at the end of a day. It's about laughter, positive energy, the beauty and fun in day to day living. And it's about creating!

You'll find light reading, inspirational quotes, news about my latest projects, favourite recipes and the like.  You will also find information and a sample of some of the websites created through my business, Bouzane Consulting.

Sure hope you enjoy it!

Please note that the sketches and graphics used on this site are from my portfolio of original artwork and design. All content is subject to copyright law.


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