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Here you'll find a smattering of greeting cards, wooden ornaments and craft items, favourite recipes, quotes and some light reading.  The sketches and graphics used on this site and in the cards and crafts are from my portfolio of original artwork and design.  You will also find information and a sample of some of the websites created through my business, Bouzane Consulting.

Sure hope you enjoy it!

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My Latest Blog Posts

  • Two Eggs and A Fry Pan

    Two Eggs and A Fry Pan

    My return to Facebook - two eggs and a fry pan later; the flying TV; a wonderful quote that triggered a quest for information and a new bookRead more ›
  • And Just When I Thought Nobody Cared

    And Just When I Thought Nobody Cared

    "Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm going to the garden to eat worms." And then it happened! Just when I was thought nobody caredRead more ›
  • Learning How to Meditate

    Learning How to Meditate

    Learning how to meditate - a place where thoughts are organized so I can enjoy short bursts of absolute quietness - perhaps later todayRead more ›

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