Creating and storytelling - fun and inspiration. It is about waking up each morning and thinking that it is a wonderful day to be alive.



  • Your Trip Around the Sun

    Your Trip Around the Sun

    It had all started with a dozen HARD boiled eggs and a laugh. But it got me to thinking about living life with abandon and our trip around the sun.Read More »
  • The Picture is Unique

    The Picture is Unique

    We each see through a different camera, influenced by our day to day experience and external environment. The picture is unique.Read More »
  • I Thought of You This Morning

    I Thought of You This Morning

    I thought of you this morning. There was laughter in the air and as the day wore on, I knew it was time to sit right down and write to you.Read More »
  • It Struck A Chord

    It Struck A Chord

    So many people sharing stories, playing games, laughing, crying, making music - connecting on social media from near and far. It struck a chordRead More »
  • As We Have Always Done

    As We Have Always Done

    It is the littlest thing that takes you back in time, makes you remember some special routine that started years ago and still it is as we have always done.Read More »

What others think of you is irrelevant. What you think of yourself is paramount. NEVER do anything today that you will be ashamed of tomorrow.
© 2020 Beulah Peyton Bouzane

" Do not settle on being one or two lines in the footnotes. Be the book" ~ © Beulah Peyton Bouzane

Unless otherwise noted, the quotes on this website were written by and © Beulah Peyton Bouzane

This website is all about little things - the things that often go unnoticed but what makes it all worthwhile at the end of a day. It's about laughter, positive energy, the beauty and fun in day to day living. And it's about creating!

You'll find light reading, inspirational quotes, news about my latest projects, favourite recipes and the like.  You will also find information and a sample of some of the websites created through my business, Bouzane Consulting.

Sure hope you enjoy it!

Please note that the sketches and graphics used on this site are from my portfolio of original artwork and design. All content is subject to copyright law.

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Being transported - to another place - another time - another dimension.  All it takes is a messy desk and finding a lost treasure.


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