A Laugh is the BEST Way to Start Your Day

A Laugh is the BEST Way to Start Your Day

Do you ever receive a text or email message that sends you off in peels of laughter and sets the tone for the rest of the day. I can always rely on my friends and sisters to do just that.  Here is one such message received earlier this week.

Some days I amaze myself.  Other days I put my keys in the fridge!

I think senility is going to be a fairly smooth transition for me...

To become old and wise, you must first be young and stupid!

The diet I followed didn't follow back, so I unfollowed it.

It sounded so fitting for her that I automatically assumed she was talking about herself.  Then she clarified that she had found the quotes on fridge magnets somewhere in the gift section of the store. She said,

"Stood in the shop, all alone, laughing my fool head off!"

bottle shelfA Bit of a Hoarder - Perhaps

If you took a peek in my pantry, you would find I stock up on a few things. In fact I'm fairly confident that in the event of a major storm or natural disaster, I would be able to feed the neighbourhood and not go hungry for at least 3 months or more.

For some reason, I've always bought food in bulk. Well really, dried foods don't go bad quickly and home preserves have a 2 year shelf life for sure. So it just makes sense to be prepared. Two of my sisters do the same. I think it has something to do with our mother and our early childhood.  We did not live near a grocery store so there were lots of things that Mom would buy in larger quantities and store. There was always a cellar for storing vegetables, and meats and fruits were preserved in bottles. By the time my two younger sisters came along, things may have changed slightly as they don't follow quite the same path - sensible people.

So at my house there's always a sack of flour (yes, a sack), a large supply of brown and white sugar, rolled oats, cream of wheat, icing sugar, powdered milk (I NEVER have anything but), tea bags, coffee, butter (well margarine really), nuts of various sorts, baking soda and powder, vanilla, spices of every imaginable form and I could keep on going.  It's wonderful really!

By the way, my neighbour just introduced me to using cardamom pods in tea and hot water.  It is really good.  What a nice flavour. And, though I'd never ever used that spice before, I found some in the pantry. Now I wonder what is the 'best before' date on that.

A friend comes to visit!

Friend comes to visit

Now you just have to love the vamps! Come to think of it, another of my friends knit these for the Nonia. They go so well with a skirt and jacket, don't you think?

Sure hope you enjoy my blogs!  If you do, please share as much as you want.

Bad Habits!

Do you ever notice the little, bad, habits you fall into sometimes.  Well I have two that are totally awful but I find so funny - sometimes.

One bad habit is my son's fault. One day I walked in front of him disrupting something he was doing.  Naturally, I said "Excuse me!"  To which he promptly replied without missing a beat, "There's no excuse for you, Mom."   At the time, I buckled over in laughter.  But, sadly, I never forgot that line.  Now, unfortunately, no matter where I am or what the circumstance when somebody politely says "Excuse me."  I respond

"There's no excuse for you."

Not nice and really embarrassing if I happen to be in a meeting or some really serious situation.  I spend a lot of time apologizing.

Quarter on the FlushThe other bad habit is from origins unknown.  You know how it is when you have company come to visit and at some point they ask to use your washroom.  A normal person would say 'of course" and just show them where it is located.  Hmmmm! Nope, not me! I have this terrible habit of saying

"Absolutely. Just leave your quarter on the flush box."

Now I didn't intentionally start out trying to collect quarters, but you should see my piggy bank.


My Recipe Collection

One of my friends suggested I do a recipe book this year celebrating 30 years since I started including recipes with my Christmas cards.  Hmmmm! I could do that.  Perhaps I will. In the meantime, last year I decided I'd start putting my favourites on the website. Then I got sidetracked and it didn't get done.  So after listening to my friend's suggestion, I put my foot down and had a serious chat with myself.  With commitment and New Years Resolutions made, I started in.  The intention is to try to add one recipe a day so it will take a while.

I would wager a guess that I am breaking every bit of advice and the recommendations put forward in the new Canada Food Guide and my recipes are not really about healthy eating.  But honestly, it isn't deliberate!  All I decided to do was share some of my favourite recipes that I've gathered over the years. It has nothing to do with nutrition, heaven forbid.  More to the point it has to do with a bit of fun and a love for collecting and experimenting with recipes although I'm pretty sure I use common sense and good taste ... for the most part. Sometimes. I think.  And, of course, I leave it to your good judgement and your discretion to determine whether you use any of the recipes. You'll find them on the Recipes page in the main menu of this website.


Recipe box

Little Darlings
What a fantastic business I found in Mount Pearl the other day. They sell gently used children's clothing - fabulous selection.

Children grow so fast that before they have a chance to wear out their clothes, they've outgrown them.  Bring those clothes in to Little Darlings and then purchase a size that fits.  It makes so much sense - economically as well as environmentally.

They also take book donations which they then sell at $1.00 each or, for smaller children's books, $0.50. All proceeds from book sales are donated to First United Church Mount Pearl where it is used for the ongoing programs and social outreach of the Church. Now that's what I call a socially conscious, great business.

Little Darlings

Gently Used Children’s Clothing

2 Edinburgh Drive
Mount Pearl, NL

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  1. Leslie Galway says:

    I love your stories, advice and poems. Thanks for the diet advice!

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