I was probably about 10 years old when I first started writing ~ always short stories and poems. It was just about little things ~ nothing too serious and always just for fun.  In 1989 I started what I called 'The BoBo Collection".  It was my treasure chest of poems, quotes, short stories, sketches and recipes, some of which I shared with family and in the form of greeting cards.  From this came a small selection of everyday note cards which are now available on this website.

Click on the Blog page to read my latest posts. It is my hope that you will find as much enjoyment in the reading as I do in the writing and gathering. After all, it is really all about little things.

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(aka BoBo)

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Stairs It is nothing more than little things ...
a story ~ perhaps a recipe or two
It is really just about little things
written just for you.

For when I think of someone special
It is important to let you know
as little else will matter
if I don't tell you so.

It might have been a song or poem
something funny that brought you to mind
or maybe I felt you were in need of a friend
or needed something to help you unwind.

Really! It is just about little things
things that happen along the way
So when I thought of you this morning
It just brightened up my day.

© 2017 Beulah Peyton Bouzane
The BoBo Collection (TM)