I Thought of You This Morning

I thought of you this morning. There was laughter in the air and as the day wore on, I knew it was time to sit right down and write to you.

It Struck A Chord

So many people sharing stories, playing games, laughing, crying, making music – connecting on social media from near and far. It struck a chord

As We Have Always Done

It is the littlest thing that takes you back in time, makes you remember some special routine that started years ago and still it is as we have always done.

A Piece of Birch Bark

The crows have absolutely no sense! They are making such a fuss in the trees nearby – fighting over a piece of birch bark, I think. Well now

Lessons in Life

Some lessons in life are harder to learn than others. And some, when the going gets a little rough, might easily go right out the window.

Congratulations Deborah

Some good advice I found somewhere. Oh and I wanted to tell you about Deborah Peyton. She’s just launched a new website. Fantastic.

The Goat

It was all about the goat – now who does it remind YOU of I wonder. For me it’s my sisters and, of course, it set me off in peels of laughter

Downshifting and Emergency Preparedness

Downshifting – I had no idea there was such a thing. Oh the things we learn and then to top it off there was the storm and emergency preparedness

Holy Crow! A New Decade

January 1, 2020 – the beginning of a new decade. So much to do. So many places to visit. Here’s some of the things I’ve planned. What about you?

Memories Wrapped In A Rock

Lost in the city, double booked appointments, forgotten lists – all because of a subcontract with digital devices. Then there are memories wrapped in a rock

She said, “There is something magical about the night sky and I have seen so many sunsets. But that was then, and now I long for sunrises.” ... © Beulah Peyton Bouzane

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