My First Craft Fair

Cards, Crafts and Creations – gifts for yourself and friends? Visit our craft table at the Eastport Agricultural Exhibition on Saturday, October 12th.

Heaven in a Wild Flower

Heaven in a Wild Flower

Seeing the world through different eyes – heaven in a wild flower, the old building, its windows weather beaten and worn, the majestic birch or a bumble bee

I Blamed It On The Dragon Flies

I blame it all on dragon flies

From favourite books to dragon flies and how each can impact ‘a day in the life of’.

Two Eggs and A Fry Pan

Eggs and fry pan featured

My return to Facebook – two eggs and a fry pan later; the flying TV; a wonderful quote that triggered a quest for information and a new book

And Just When I Thought Nobody Cared

long slim slimy ones

“Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I’m going to the garden to eat worms.” And then it happened! Just when I was thought nobody cared

Learning How to Meditate

Learning How to Meditate featured

Learning how to meditate – a place where thoughts are organized so I can enjoy short bursts of absolute quietness – perhaps later today

Enjoy Every Moment

Decorations and scrubing bucket

A wonderful day to be alive! If you can get out of bed on your own steam and breathe unassisted, it is a gift. Enjoy every moment.

A Laugh is the BEST Way to Start Your Day

Quarter on the Flush

Laugh – what better way to start (and end) your day. My sisters and friends provide food for thought and material for my blogs. I also have some bad habits

False Teeth and The Family Tree

false teeth

moments of laughter and moments of tears and from the lips to the hips it was off to bed with dreams of ‘my family, false teeth, and happily ever after’.

I remember it well way back in my mind

Post - I remember it well

A quick glance at the kerosene lamp on the table. Oh yes! I remember it well way back in my mind – our evening meals. It made me smile.

She said, “There is something magical about the night sky and I have seen so many sunsets. But that was then, and now I long for sunrises.” ... © Beulah Peyton Bouzane

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