Congratulations Deborah

You’ve just got to check this out!

Remember the craft fairs my friend, Deborah, and I attended last Fall? Her products were such a hit.

Well, she’s just launched her new website ( and is also now on Instagram.  You really need to check it out. What amazing talent. Her products are absolutely fantastic.

To learn more about her new projects, I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram.

Take a deep breath. Focus on the here and now.
Remember this moment is the only one we can be sure of.
Let go of worries and anxiety. Just breathe!

Now that is pretty good advice so I thought I’d pass it on to you.

There is just one thing though. One has to have the patience to sit and quieten the mind long enough to focus. How do they do that, I wonder? I lasted 15 seconds the first time I tried it. Then I got an idea! squirrel…

One More Piece of Advice

Have you ever had full conversations with yourself – I mean conversations where you actually correspond back and forth. Or, perhaps you read a book and find yourself giving advice or telling the characters what they should or shouldn’t do next. Maybe when you’re watching a movie or listening to the radio, you find yourself stepping right in to interrupt. My grandmother used to do that all the time and we found it hilarious.

There were also times when we would imitate something our Mom would say or do because it really was too much of a temptation to let it go. Now don’t get me wrong. We NEVER did any of this behind her back. We always made sure she knew we were poking fun, at which point she’d give us a little tongue wagging and then laugh right along with us. But, there are lessons to be learned in everything you do in life and if there’s one more piece of advice I can give you, it is,

“Don’t poke fun of your grandmother, your mother or father or anybody else for that matter”.

Really! You can rest assured that as you grow older, you will find yourself doing and saying the very same things. Yes, the very things you always made fun of before.


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