Downshifting and Emergency Preparedness

It all started when I read my sister's blog, The Universe Said ENOUGH, in which she spoke of herself as being a little bit of a workaholic.

"Hmmm," I thought. "There's nothing little about it."

You see, she's always working - even when she thinks she isn't. But that particular week she finally realized she was tired after the Universe sent her a message. Yes ... the universe speaks to her directly.

All of this got me thinking about the need to always be doing something, to always be busy. It kind of runs in our family - well for 4 of the 5 sisters at least. Then, right in the middle of those thoughts I received a blog from Harold Taylor, a guru in Time Management.  It was titled "Are You a Workaholic?"  Really! Is this man also hearing the universe and sending me a message?


According to Harold, being a workaholic has less to do with always working than the need to always be busy. (Ouch!) He recommended "downshifting"...

Working less, wanting less, spending less and living more. Consider simplifying your life so you can spend more time on the things you are passionate about.

If you find yourself racing the clock, doing two things at once and eating on the run, try modifying your behavior. Drive slower, walk slower, talk slower and yes, even work slower. Your productivity may decrease in the short haul, but chances are, you'll accomplish a lot more in your lifetime.

Well now, I am not sure what rock I've been under but I definitely have been under one. Why have I not heard of 'downshifting'. I read a fair amount and figured I was on top of, or at least aware of, the latest. Guess Not!  But all in all, it did sound like some pretty good advice so I decided I would heed it.  It lasted for almost four days!

Emergency Preparedness

Okay!  It really is ENOUGH now.  Confined for 4 days. I enjoy my own company but, seriously, there is a limit and I am starting to get on my nerves! Every muscle is crying out for mercy after 3 days of shovelling and cleanup. Thank goodness the sun is now shining and the worst is over.

But tell me, do you enjoy storms?  How about preparing for emergencies? Since the humongous storm this weekend in my corner of the world, everybody is talking about the circumstances and what they are going to do to prepare for the NEXT time.  Well, I for one have added two more things to my list - snow shoes and patience.

I know I must be the very worst but I have to tell you, I love a good storm. For me, preparing is half the fun. I think it comes from the things our parents taught us when we were little. They had experienced The Great Depression and knew how to stretch a dollar and how to always be prepared - not just for emergencies but for every day.  In any event, I have my own list that I am always adjusting as it's a learning experience (like the snow shoes).  It also depends on the season and where I am living but for the most part there are some things that always stay the same.

  • lamps filled and strategically positioned all over the house with matches in each chimney; a supply of candles
  • extra lamp oil, butane and propane cylinders
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • emergency stove in case there's no electricity
  • first aid kit
  • emergency blanket and tarpaulin
  • rope, pocket knife and scissors
  • shovel and axe
  • bulk supply of flour, powdered milk, yeast, baking powder, salt, sugar, cooking oil, peas, beans, coffee and tea
  • cupboard stocked with preserves - bottled meats, cabbage rolls, beans, soup and vegetables
  • pickled eggs
  • lots of drinking water containers filled
  • several good books
  • pen and writing paper

And, for this particular storm, there were lots of warnings ahead of time so I had plenty of time to add other essentials

  • snowblower and vehicle full of gas and several extra tanks on hand
  • fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables

The bulk supply of dried foods and preserves don't just happen during emergencies. That's something I've been doing for years so there's no added expense or panic to stock up when emergencies occur. 

Over the past 4 days, neighbours were all helping neighbours, making sure everyone was safe and doing well.  Thank goodness for the snowblowers as each driveway was cleared out and cleaned up.

In between all that I have done nothing but relax, eat well and enjoy writing and reading.  I made fresh bread (ate 2 loaves), binged on cookies and partridge berry cake and treated myself to a whole lot of those preserves. Now I need the stores to open as my clothes no longer fit.  It's like the storm gave me full licence to totally 'Downshift'.


The storm is over and I can feel it all ramping up inside again - so much to do, so many adventures to have and time is 'a wasting '.

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  1. WOW Beulah that was quite the Downshift eh! I literally busted a gut, lol! Sounds like you were trying to eat yourself out of your house 🏡 so to speak! As always my friend I read your stories with enthused anticipation of what is yet to come ❤️

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