False Teeth and The Family Tree

False Teeth and The Family Tree

Rearrange the decorations on the shelf. Go for a run with the dog. Bottle the leftover turkey. Clean the hamster cage. Update the website. Create new templates for wood carving. Make a birthday card for a friend. Write a blog. Watch another movie,  … SQUIRREL!

How Did This Happen?

A need to focus!  Really?  Now why I would ever think there should be changes made for the coming year is beyond me.  It’s such fun going madly off in all directions and, believe or not, all this stuff does get done.  Mind you, by the time I’m finished it’s running into midday (for all but the movie) and I am running out of energy quickly.  It has nothing to do with the squirrel. It has to do with the weight.  Over the past month (well maybe two) I’ve gained sufficient to now be equivalent to 1 1/2 persons.  How did this happen?

It was the Christmas movies, of course. I’ve effectively eaten my way through 240 hours of snacks while watching and re-watching those gal darned movies. An addictive personality … do you think?  Now do not misunderstand. I have willpower and I use restraint. I do not, and will not, watch a movie before sundown.  At which time, I convince myself I’ve worked quite hard and I’ve earned the right to relax in my cozy chair. Oh, but each one was so good (the snack and the movie).  Naturally, there were moments of laughter and moments of tears and from the lips to the hips it was off to bed with dreams of ‘my family, false teeth, and happily ever after’.

Reference to Squirrel is based on an earlier blog: Somebody Shouts Squirrel

False Teeth and The Family Tree

Ever accidentally throw something valuable in the stove or the fire pit.  My sister did once. It was all completely innocent and it wasn’t her fault, not really.  It was my mother’s.  She had a habit of removing her false teeth when she ate – go figure.  She would discretely and carefully wrap them in a paper towel and place them close to her plate at the table.  (And, oh if she could read this story now, she would not be pleased with it’s telling.)

On one particular evening, one of my sisters, who shall remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, was clearing the table and preparing to wash the dishes. Now if you live in a home where the wood stove is the main source of heat, you will understand perfectly that everything burnable gets burned.  Naturally, that means paper wrappings, napkins and paper towels.  And that was the day Mom’s false teeth helped heat the house.

All this came to mind in fits of laughter one day this summer when our son brought me a wonderful gift on return from a family vacation on Prince Edward Island. As with everything in our home, it came with its own story.

The Bottle HousesYears ago, Dave and I, along with our family friends Donna and Gerry, visited PEI. What a fantastic trip!  We laughed our way across the entire island.  One of the highlights that had us in stitches was the stop at Anne of Green Gables with Dave and Gerry posing in Anne costumes.  But, I digress as that wasn’t the memory that was forefront this summer.  It was our visit to The Bottle Houses along the North Cape Coastal Drive, Cape Egmont, Wellington. We were fascinated.

Anyway, this summer our son and his family visited the same spot. It was there that he decided to buy a beautiful ornament for me – a family tree in a glass bulb. With it carefully wrapped, it was placed gently in the cab of the truck.

brown bag and boomburgersNow PEI is an environmentally friendly province.  They do not use plastic shopping bags. Instead things are packaged in paper. And here’s where it started to get complicated. After leaving The Bottle Houses, they headed back to their rental cabin near Charlottetown and decided to go to BOOMburgers for supper. Naturally, later that evening they had a campfire and burned all the leftover garbage and brown bags.

fire pitAnd, now you’re ahead me!  Yes, the carefully wrapped, gently handled, ornament was not so gently tossed in the fire pit. But it did not go the way of the false teeth.  I understand that the language used that night and my son’s dance around the fire may have well blessed the Peyton Bouzane Family tree.

When they got back to Newfoundland, I was presented with a brown bag that contained a not-so-slightly charred glass bulb that was mercifully still together with little shards of glass sticking out all over. I picked it up and, oh my, it fell apart in little pieces.

But of course, it couldn’t stop there. We’re a strong family and we stick together through thick and thin.  Determined and through tears of laughter, the glass bulb was painstaking glued back together where it now sits in its rightful place on the shelf.

Family Tree

Quote for Today

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”  – Dale Carnegie

Happy New Year 2019


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12 comments on “False Teeth and The Family Tree
  1. Pete says:

    A perfect way to end 2018, reading another hilarious blog by my sister.

  2. Leslie Galway says:

    This is certainly a Christmas story to remember!

    Happy New Year Beulah. You are as brilliant as tonight’s fireworks will be.


  3. Bonnie Miller says:

    loved, loved it , and the fact you kept the ornament , priceless. l love hearing stories about Christmas. l have my mom’s roaster and there is a story about it , remind me one day to tell you about it. Keep up the good work , l enjoy and look for your page every month. lt always bring a smile and a laugh to my day , thanks so much .

    • Beulah says:

      I am so happy you liked it, Bonnie. I can’t wait to hear your ‘roaster’ story. Hoping to see you sometime in February. My very best to you and Ross. Happy 2019!

  4. Mary Lynn says:

    Well now as usual this story did not disappoint; in fact, I felt like I was sitting across from you having one of our darting-off in many direction conversations ONLY had it been a live conversation I would have already interrupted and told you about the time I threw my best friend’s contacts down the sink and proceeded to drop her off at the bus station in downtown Toronto at 4:30 in the morning by herself – sadly she was unable to make out me waving bye to her! You always make me smile —. Keep the wonderful stories coming. Best of health and happiness in 2019 – look forward to seeing you. Ox

  5. Mabe says:

    Heehee…so entertaining….loved it!

  6. Gigi says:

    You truly have a gift. Sweet story, and of course I am visualizing the characters. Happy New Year, dear friend.

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