Holy Crow! A New Decade

January 1, 2020

It is so much fun to start fresh and new. I love it!   So far this morning

12:01 am sound asleep
3:00 am wide awake and having a delicious Hazelnut flavoured coffee
3:30 am off to the airport (family had to catch an early flight)
4:00 am back home for breakfast (leftover steak, eggs, bacon, and toast with bakeapple jam)
5:00 am hot bath while pretending I am in a luxurious spa
5:30 am sending New Years greetings to family and friends
6:00 am settling down to write a new story

Now tell me! Isn't that a perfect way to start a new decade? Mind you, I'm not quite sure where the 'spa' thoughts came from as I have never been to one in my life.  Perhaps I will make it a reality this year or maybe it will just remain in my thoughts as I go madly off in all directions.  And the food - oh my.

What Mom Always Said

I can remember my Mom saying years ago,

"You must always wear something new on New Years Day AND whatever you do that day will be how you will spend the rest of the year."

Wear something new?  Okay, I have a couple of options - new pajamas, new socks and a beautiful scarf given to me by a special aunt. I am definitely not as brave as some so I will NOT be wearing those pjs out in public. That leaves me with the socks and, of course, the scarf will do nicely.

What to do today?  Hmm! There's a whole list of things I'd like to pack into the next few hours:

go for a hike
visit family and friends
make a new card
sketch something
write a poem
try a new recipe
learn to play the accordion

Really Mom! It's only been 7 hours in this year and already I'm saying "Squirrel"

To my family and friends, I wonder  ...  What were you doing at midnight, will you wear something new, and how will you spend your day?  Be sure to leave a comment on this blog. I would love to hear from you.

Holy Crow! A New Decade is Underway

Wishing all of you my very best!


Ever get to the end of a day and wonder, where in the world did the time go?

8 thoughts on “Holy Crow! A New Decade”

  1. Sheila O’Neill

    Starting the new year with one of your stories is a great forecast for the rest of the year! So much fun and positivity!
    I slept through the changeover of the decade – by choice. Starting the new year fresh and well-rested. A lovely walk in the snow is planned. Like you I believe today sets the time for the year, so I shall go in as I mean to go on. xoxo

  2. WOW you are really on the ball! 1st! Blog in 2020, I love it! My Mom use to say, make sure you have lots of food in the house ( good start) to the new year!
    & make sure your laundry, cleaning, etc is done ✅ & you are off to a good start! Gotta love “Mom”! Awesome beginning to the new year my friend! I look forward to what’s coming next! 🥂❤️🙏

  3. Faith March-MacCuish

    Happy New Year and new decade! Thanks for the blog. Had a house party with some family and friends and some of our children’s friends. We stayed up until all was safely home about 3am. Got up at 5 to turn off the oven that was slowly cooking ribs for a lovely pot luck supper tonight with family and friends! But first to clean up from the party last night and get ready for the next gathering today.

  4. Hi there and Happy New Year. Mine was quiet with family and a nice bbq. We watched fireworks from the inside which was lovely. Reading your post had me laughing as it describes you so well. I will never forget the amount of coffee you consumed at work! You are an energizer bunny still. All the best in the coming year. Hope we can get together and catch up soon!

  5. Hmmm. As the author of “I want to wear everthing in my closet”, I shouldn’t be surprised I have on 2010 decade attire. However, Mothers are very wise, so I will change into a new outfit! Happy 2020 Beulah!

  6. I wish I had your positive attitude all the time. I love it! I had a lovely New Year’s Eve with my new man and some friends and their kids. Although I think I ate too much! I have vowed to wake with a smile on my face every day and keep following your blogs! You are so inspiring, my friend. Happiest New Year to you and yours!😍

  7. My Mom always said and we tease her to this day about it, “ be ready”, no matter what day it is! “No matter what time we call she is always ready even at 94 yrs. So Blessed in so many ways, family who are always there, friends who make us laugh, smile and those who make us think 🤔 which is a very good thing. I read your blog and bam the light goes on and thoughts are flowing, and this is what I did to sit and think of all my wonderful blessings. Peace, Love !

  8. Happy New Year! Loved the blog. I also enjoy a hazelnut coffee…not ordinarily at 3am in the morning mind you! 😉

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