I Thought of You This Morning

I thought of you this morning. There was laughter in the air and as the day wore on, I knew it was time to sit right down and write to you.

Has your hair gone grey?
Do you look like a fright?
Have you wasted your time
confused day with night

Are you as contrary as sin
or taking it all in stride
Are you ready to crack
or blow things open wide.

Are you longing to travel,
perhaps get away
Do you want an adventure
or to just get out and play

Whatever you're feeling
the good that I see
is that darn old virus
didn't get you or me.

I thought of you this morning
And knew I shouldn’t wait
To sit right down and write to you
though May is getting late.

Our lives have changed forever
But don't let that mess up your mind
for we can still laugh and talk and play
and give hugs, though the virtual kind.

What a wonderful day to be alive!

© 2020 Beulah Peyton Bouzane

An Amazing Sister! An Amazing Minister

Today is my sister's 30th Anniversary of Ordination - a minister of word, sacrament and pastoral care in the United Church of Canada.

Congratulations Valerie Peyton Kingsbury.  We are so proud of you!


She wrote of this in her weekly blog

Title:  A Day I Will Never Forget

Source:  www.peytonkingsbury.ca



2 thoughts on “I Thought of You This Morning”

  1. I found myself nodding and talking to this poem as I read it. Is that a sign of lack of social interaction or merely me totally relating to each word? Is it a coincidence that the little monster bears a resemblance as well? Am I experiencing Coviditus?

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