Learning How to Meditate

Learning How to Meditate

I just received the electricity bill from Newfoundland Power. It's nearing the end of February and we've just come through some awfully cold nights. I guess I should be thankful that there were no flies, but - holy crow!

Learning How to MeditateMaybe I will just sit here and try to meditate awhile.  I mean truly turn off all thoughts and sit in blissful silence at one with body, mind, and spirit.  Is this something you are able to do I wonder? Learning how to quiet my mind has always been a quest. I've tried. I've watched the videos, I've listened to the lectures! I've done some training. I've travelled to the mountains in Tibet - in my head. But it hasn't worked or, at least, not yet.

I was sitting in my little office and wondering about - well bits and pieces of everything, actually. The morning was quiet and still. It wasn't raining or snowing. The wind wasn't blowing. The crows were silent. I think they may have frozen to death overnight actually.  They obviously hadn't been in touch with Newfoundland Power.  There wasn't a sound except the faint hum of my computer. Absolutely peaceful! UNTIL I listened. There was a busy, chaotic, and exciting world inside my head.  So many projects and so much fun going on, I could barely sit still.

fly sprayNow don't get me wrong. It wasn't all fun and games in there. There was one room that was kind of dark - filled with worries of family and friends ... and did I mention the electricity bill. Another room was filled with sadness and pining for a beautiful lost love. But I was able to close the doors on those rooms for a time and just look at the rest of the house. It was quite a mess! There were half finished projects, ideas for new designs, my 'to do' list which served as wall paper for the entire complex and dreams still waiting to happen! So seriously - why in the world would I ever want to clean up that mess. No, what I'm really looking for is a place not connected to the grid, a place where thoughts are organized so I can enjoy short bursts of absolute quietness - perhaps, later today.

But, for now, I'll just put away the fly spray.

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While I'm falling short of a 'recipe each day', my recipe collection is slowly growing and taking shape. And, of course I write a blog each month.  You find quick links to the Recipe Collection and the Blog in the main menu.

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ornamentsPreparing for a Craft Fair

Did I tell you I've been up to this winter?  Besides the recipe collection, I've been making some new products - decorations mostly. It has been such fun. I've used some of the designs for my cards (along with a few additions to my repertoire) to make wooden ornaments. I'm planning to enter a craft fair later this year.  I haven't prepared for that sort of thing in a long, long, time so I am quite rusty as you can imagine. Thankfully, I have sisters and friends who will help guide me through it and make sure the rust disappears.

We'll see how that goes! In the meantime, I will be adding some of the products to my website over the next few weeks so check back later to have a look.

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One comment on “Learning How to Meditate
  1. Rita Higgins says:

    WOW Beulah you are one busy lady that’s for sure! You always make me smile & I look forward to your blogs! Well, when I saw the fly cans, I’m thinking well is it wishful thinking 🤔 on our part with the Light & Power bills & all! At least fly spray would put us in the heat zone & out of the Artic zone! OMY Where’s it all gona end my dear? I surely don’t know…….you have a good day & let us hope for the best 😊❤️👍

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