Lessons in Life

There are many lessons in life, all of which can come together to help build strong character and make you a better person.  Some are hard to live by while others are easy to follow and make good common sense. I remember some of the ones I learned from my role models:

Love many, trust few and remember to paddle your own canoe
Do not envy others
Stop and think before you speak
Keep two hands on the wheel
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
Do not wish ill of another
Give freely and quietly
Never let the sun set on your anger
Don’t use bad words
Love is just a word until you give it meaning
There’s nothing more valuable than your integrity
Do not be covetous
Familiarity breeds contempt
Be humble for there will always be greater persons than you

I can keep on going with that list, just as I’m sure you can too. But this week, I was sorely tempted to put aside one of those lessons. Well, I have to tell you that I’m not one bit sorry to say,

“Temptation won!”

Lessons in Life

You see on Sunday morning at about 11:45
I discovered a crime that near drove me wild.

They had come right in, whether day or night,
And left with some saws. Now that’s just not right.

It had cost lots of money after a lot of hard work
And they took them like that – those miserable jerks

The miserable scoundrels. I felt so used
As I walked around, sort of halfway confused

Disappointed, discouraged and upset at that
I fair danced with anger and called them rats.

Why would somebody take our stuff
Are they in want and don’t have enough?

“Not so”, said the policeman. “They are up to no good.
They’re watching and waiting. A bunch of hoods.”

Don’t wish ill of another my mother said
But I put that aside because I saw red.

Instead as punishment, severe cramps would be just
with 2 weeks of diarrhea a definite must.

Followed by bed rest with much time to think
of the things they had done. Oh, how they stink.

Up went defences and some new safeguards
though a little bit late now they’re out of the yard.

But still time to take steps ‘case they decide to come back
there’ll be photos and systems making them easy to track

As hard as it is, it’s about lessons in life
learn from mistakes and don’t make them twice

“Watch out for scoundrels”, so said my mother
and that will replace, “Don’t wish ill of another.”

Oh my! It was a rough few days until my sense of humour returned …

2 thoughts on “Lessons in Life”

  1. WOW Beulah, so sorry to read this! The lousy scroundels! I’m with you, I hope they get caught, & get the S..ts! For a month! 💩👹💩👹💩👹💩👹💩
    Chin up my beautiful friend, tomorrow is another day & I hope justice will prevail & whoever is responsible for this turmoil in your life, will get theirs! I’m a firm believer in what goes around, comes around! ❤️

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