Somebody Shouts Squirrel!

Somebody Shouts Squirrel!

So I headed to the kitchen to make my morning coffee.  I stopped to pick up a book on the coffee table. Got caught up in reading and then saw crumbs on the floor, grabbed a broom; noticed the garbage bin was full so changed out the bag and brought it to the outside bin; realized I'd left a flower pot on the porch that needed to be emptied and put away.  Ouch! I forgot to send an email to my client. Off I went to fire up the computer; checked emails that had come in overnight; noticed an interesting article and started to read; it triggered an idea for my next story so jotted it down; there was a recipe that sounded delicious so bookmarked it, which reminded me I needed brown sugar so scribbled it on my list.  Now that's an idea for my next project - I can make a notepad holder. Jotted it on my 'to do' list and saw that I meant to clean up the workshop today. Headed across the garden to open up the building and turn on the heat...


Notebooks, planners, little scraps of paper, a tin of pencils and markers, half done sketches, a pile of magazines, half written poems, cluttered workshop, lists of different sorts - groceries, to dos, important dates ... Can you picture it?

Going madly off in all directions, barely able to finish a sentence before your head is into another and in the middle of one those directions, somebody shouts "Squirrel". You stop everything. Your head spins to follow the squirrel.

Oh my, but it is so funny!  I didn't stop to realize just how typical it is in the run of my day until our cousin, Derrick, put it in precisely those words and it's been sending me off in peels of laughter ever since. A wonderful way to start my day.

Oh my, but I need a coffee!

Quote for Today

A day is wisely spent when we can offer a helping hand
or just be present, to care and understand


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3 comments on “Somebody Shouts Squirrel!
  1. Pete Barrett says:

    I am stil laughing and picturing you. But where was Derrick? Was he near your house or did that shout come from waaayy up the path?

  2. Beulah says:

    Oh yes! It was an exact description of my morning. The reference to Derrick, however, was from a few months ago. He was poking fun of Debbie and you, me, and others and how quickly we can go madly off in another direction in a split second. Whenever you see him grin and he stops in the middle of a conversation to shout ‘Squirrel’,you’ll now know why. It was/is priceless. And, he is absolutely right!

  3. Denise says:


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